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Thursday, March 9, 2017



     We went with my sister, my niece and her husband to see a Broadway show last week, and it made me sit up and take notice of how much talent there really is, concentrated in a 26-block area of New York City. Actually, I was sitting up already because theater chairs are really uncomfortable, but the better the show, the less time you spend thinking about it.

     We saw the play, "Waitress," and it was a vibrant joy. I'm no expert on the subject, or any other, for that matter, but this show came highly recommended by my sister. I'm kind of picky about Broadway shows, especially musicals, but if people tell me I will like something, I usually do.

     The story revolves around a waitress whose life is transformed in every way by the baking, eating and giving of pies. That's the kind of thing that happens all the time on Broadway, and to make it even more believable, they break into a song and dance at the slightest provocation. Thank god this doesn't happen in real life, because a lot more stuff rhymes than you would think. They sing when they're happy, they sing when they're sad, they sing when they're jealous, they sing when they're mad. See? I just sang that, and I would have danced it, too, had I not been too close to the subway.

     For us, an evening at the theater starts at home, arguing about what time we should leave in order to give us PLENTY of time to get there. I say that you can make it to the City in 50 minutes if there is no traffic and if you break certain laws, some of which I feel are outdated. From the parking lot it's only a five minute walk if you run, plus by leaving way too late, we'll outsmart all the idiots who left early to give themselves plenty of time. To my surprise, when we get there we are REALLY late, and I have to run ahead to make sure we get in, and to outrun my wife, who seems to be taking the theater tradition of "break a leg" way too seriously.

     The show was at the Brooks Atkinson Theater on 47th Street. There about 40 "Broadway" theaters, but only a few of them are actually on Broadway. There are more Starbucks on Broadway than there are theaters, but the shows there aren't as good. I'm not sure who Brooks Atkinson is, but the name sounds familiar- I think he might be the manager of the Mets.

     I'm too cheap to get really good seats, which I think are a waste of money unless you get to keep the seats. So it's best not to sit with me if you have any type of averse reaction to high altitude. After taking the stairs to the upper tier loge mezzanine level 5, the air is so thin I wonder what it would be like to kick a field goal up here. I bet I could kick one 60 yards. My current record is nine yards. I start to get a little woozy and I'm hoping some oxygen masks will drop down like in an airplane emergency. Always put your mask on first before assisting others.

     Anyway, I really did enjoy the show. "Vibrant!" "Bold!" "A Tour de Force!" Said Rick Melén of the Somers Record. "Ubiquitous!" I also said that, because I actually know what it means and I never get a chance to use it. As the song goes, "Give my regards to Broadway, remember me to Herald Square." You probably will  have forgotten me well before Bleecker Street, so consider this a gentle reminder.

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