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Thursday, June 4, 2009



So a guy on my commuter train this morning had to yell at another guy about talking too loud on his cell phone. I always want to do that myself, but I would have to vault over two or three innocent people to do so. Then I start getting engrossed in the conversation. The wife, the kids, the job, everything that is going GREAT if you ask someone how they are in person, is a MESS on the cell phone. That is where the truth comes out. Unfortunately the truth comes out too friggin LOUD. The odd thing is that people are bothered much more by cell phone talk than they would be if two people were simply talking on the train to each other. And if somebody shows up with a walkie-talkie cell phone, the possibility for violence ratchets up exponentially. People who are lacking enough attention in other facets of their lives like to make you aware of their presence with a walkie-talkie, leading me to say something snarky like, “Hey: Look at you. You are 40 pounds overweight at least! How about more walkie, and less talkie!” Incidentally, an MIT survey found that the cell phone is the invention that Americans “hate the most, but can’t live without.” It edged out television and the alarm clock!

I myself have a very old school cell phone. It does take photos, similar to the one on the Flintstones, where a little pterodactyl comes out and pecks the likeness onto a rock.


I’ve been watching the French Open on ESPN (or is it ESPN2 or 3?), and I can’t help thinking: Isn’t it time for Dick Enberg to retire? It’s not that the guy has nothing to say, but Jesus Christ it takes him SO long to say it. By the time he works around to the predicate you forgot what the subject was. It always seems like I’m watching TV with my dad when he is on the air. Not my real dad of course, but like a TV dad. And for god’s sake also retire that horrendous French music with the accordion every commercial break. French people must hear that and think we are the jackasses of the Earth. Incidentally, the stadium and the tournament itself are named for Roland Garros, a World War I French pilot.

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